virginia state society

united states daughters of 1812


State President
Sharon Kaufelt Stine

1st Vice President
Cynthia Louise Steinbach

2nd Vice President
Anne H. Winn

Deborah Cupp

Recording Secretary
Constance Paradiso

Corresponding Secretary
Courtenay Stanley

Nancy Mossburg

Margaret "Midge" Sharkey

Louise "Penny" Chaboudy

Mary S. Wasenko

Carla Odom


1812 LOGO

          Standing Committees National

Standing Committees                                                                              

American Merchant Marine Library

Lynette W. Aashiem                                



Budget and Finance
Nancy Mossburg              


B & F Committee:

Constitution and Bylaws
Anne H. Winn                                 


C & B Committee:  Lila B.Housden, Constance B.Paradiso, Margaret “Midge” Sharkey


Correct Use of the Flag
Mildred “Mindy” Deviers                   


Flag House and Star Spangled Banner Museum
Lila B. Housden


Fort McHenry

Margaret Stromberg


Historical Landmarks

Shannon C. Bennett


Insignia – 
Barbara B. Rooney


Lineage and Historical Records

Shannon C. Bennett


Markers and Grave Locations of 1812 Service Personnel

Diane Bradshaw


Membership-FADD-Jr. Membership

Margaret “Midge” Sharkey


Membership Certificates –  

Luvenia D. Rogers


National Defense  and JROTC/ROTC

Carey Lynn Allen


National Headquarters

Anne H. Winn   



Anne H. Winn


Printed Supplies

Suzanne B. Townsend


Public Relations

Shannon C. Bennett


Schools – Jo Ann “Jodi” C. Killeen


Veterans Services –  

Charlene R. Heeter



Jean B. Hart



Virginia Special Committees National:

Old Fort Niagara 

Anne H. Winn


St Michael and All Angel’s Church – 

Jennie Lou Prangle


Special Committees State

Nancy Edwards Harris Historic Congressional Cemetery – 

Ann T. Schaeffer



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