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The Madisons of Montpelier Chapter

Charter Number 412

Organized in Orange, VA, 23 Sep 2003

Anne Hoffman Winn (Mrs. John W.), Organizing President

The origin of the name, Montpelier, James Madison's Piedmont, Virginia home seems to be Montpellier, France. While at Princeton, James Madison was deeply influenced by John Locke, the great British philosopher. Locke, like Madison, suffered physical ailments all of his life and often returned to his home in Montpellier, France to repair his health. After Princeton and many times throughout his life, Madison returned to Montpelier to repair his health.  There is no specific date when young James Madison first called his Piedmont home, "Montpelier", but James' father, James Senior, first used the name in 1799 in an application for insurance. It was constantly used after 1809 by President Madison and he and his wife, Dolly, preferred and often used the French spelling "Montpellier".  ("James Madison A Life Reconsidered," by Lynn Cheney, Penguin Books, New York, 2014, p.33.)


Howard Phillips Hart, retired CIA Operations Officer, historian, and husband of member Jean Hart, told the Madison of Montpelier Chapter members the story of the Battle of Lake Champlain, the defining battle in the War of 1812 at their meeting 10 September 2016.  Last spring, Mr. Hart told the chapter the story of the Privateers in the War of 1812.  Following his lecture on Saturday, Anne Winn, President, presented Mr. Hart with The National Society United States Daughters of 1812 Spirit of 1812 Award.  The purpose of this award is to recognize and thank those who are keeping the history of the War of 1812 alive.

Mr. Hart, and Anne Winn, President of the Madisons of Montpelier Chapter, United States Daughters of 1812.

Pamela Curtin, Treasurer, and Constance Paradiso, Registrar, at the September meeting!

Mrs. Brenda Graves representing The Madisons of Montpelier Chapter~U.S. Daughters of 1812 and Mr. Mike Lyman representing the Men's Virginia War of 1812 Society

Pictures were
taken recently at President John Tyler's grave memorial, Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA

              We recognize and salute the long service of Dr. Jan Arvin Combs, LTC Army Retired, Mother of Madisons of Montpelier Chapter member, Shannon Bennett, who died 16 March 2016 at her home in El Paso, Texas.  Dr. Combs had a distinguished military career as well as being an orthopedic surgeon, and was the recipient of many military citations and awards, including the Bronze Star in 2003 for her actions with the 745th FST in Iraq.  Shannon said her Mother wanted to become a Daughter, but they just didn’t get the paperwork done. 



  • IMG_2447
    3 November Meeting, held in Harrisonburg, VA. The Shenandoah Valley Civil War Era Dancers
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    3 November Meeting, held in Harrisonburg, VA. The Shenandoah Valley Civil War Era Dancers
  • IMG_2465
    3 November Meeting, held in Harrisonburg, VA. The Shenandoah Valley Civil War Era Dancers
  • IMG_2466
    3 November Meeting, held in Harrisonburg, VA. The Shenandoah Valley Civil War Era Dancers


John Beadles, Ch Bapt 1779-1824 m.
Lurenna Miller, Capt. VA,
buried Greene Acres, State Rt 515
(off Octonia Road), Greene Co. VA

Micajah Beck c. 1774-1850, m.
Julia Ann Breedlove, PVT VA
buried Albemarle Co., VA

Rowland Berry, c. 1787-c. 1858, m.
Lucy Woodson, PVT VA
buried prob. Madison Co., VA

Benjamin Bradshaw, 1796-1872, m.
Rhoda Ann Griffin PVT VA
buried Nelson Co., VA

William Branch, 1792-1850, m.
Sarah Mears Barnes, PVT SC
buried prob. Beauford, SC

Pouncey Bunch, 1790-1865, m.
Sarah Flanigan VA
buried Albemarle Co., VA

Samuel Burner, 1769-1828, m.
Mary Anna Stover, CS VA
buried Page Co., VA 

Jonathan Coburn, 1750-1833, m.
Margaret Ratcliff, Capt. VA
buried prob. Augusta Co VA

Robert Creswell, 1780-1861, m.
Mary McCarrell, PVT PA
buried Probably Hanover Co PA

Hugh H. Dodson, 1795-1876, m.
Susannah Morris, CPL VA
buried unknown.

Paschal Early, 1770-1825, m.
Mary Newman Henshaw, Lt. VA
buried Madison Co VA.

Jonas Edwards,  -1829, m.
Martha X, PVT VA
buried unknown

Rolfe Eldridge, Sr., 1744-1830, m.
Susannah E. Walker, CS VA
buried prob. Buckingham Co VA

Thomas Kidder Eldridge, 1790-1864, m.
Mary Hales Ayers, PVT VA
buried unknown.

William Estes, Jr., 1783-1851, m.
Mary Jane Harvey, VA Militia
buried Orange or Greene Co, VA

Martin Fishback, Jr. to be marked on
15 September 2012
buried Fleetwood, Culpeper Co VA

James Flowers, 1786-1839, m.
Elizabeth Graham, PVT TN Militia
buried Story (Rolen) Cemetery, Pickett Co., TN

♥ Henry Fry 1738-1823, m.
Susannah Walker, PVT VA
buried Meander Plantation, Madison Co. VA
♥  Grave Marked  

Nicholas Gianniny, c. 1780-1854, m.
Polly Pace, CSVA
buried Albemarle Co VA

Jonathan Gifford 1797-1871, m.
Malinda Cracraft, PVT KY
buried Shannon Cemetery, Mason Co. KY

Tarleton Gillispie, c. 1793-1868, m.
Mary Jane Hudson, PVT VA,
buried prob. Amherst Co VA

Thomas Goodson, Sr., 1735-1815, m.
Keziah Harris, CS VA,
buried Pine Creek Primitive Baptist
Church Cemetery, Floyd Co., VA

Thomas Goodson, Jr., 1755-1837, m.
Elizabeth Poage, Capt VA Militia
buried Pine Creek Primitive Baptist Church
Cemetery, Floyd Co., VA

William Goodson, 1793-1852, m.
Mary Abigail Banks, buried Pine Creek
Primitive Baptist Church  Cemetery,
Floyd Co., VA

John Greene, c. 1787-1877, m.
Sarah Clark, VA Militia
buried farm in Pittsylvania Co VA

Joseph Hall, 1772-1855, m.
Lucy Beck, PVT VA Militia
buried prob. Albemarle Co VA

Abraham Hawley 1739-1815 m.
Mary Ann X VA Militia
buried Albemarle Co. VA

Valentine Head, c. 1793-1852, m.
Elena Huckstep
buried Orange Co VA, near Barboursville, VA.

John Henshaw, 1762-1803, m.
Patty Newman, Capt VA
buried unknown.

James Higginbotham, 1729-1813, m.
Rachel Campbell, CS VA
buried unknown

Joel Hight, 1793-1867, m.
Nancy Campbell, Corp. VA Militia
buried Haines Chapel, off
Rt. 56, Nelson Co. VA

Richard Larrow, c. 1750-1831, m.
Hannah Lewis
buried Quaker Cemetery
Grayson Co., VA

Valentine Mason, 1783-1843, m.
Eliabeth Margrave, SGT. VA
buried unknown

James McReynolds, c. 1744-1840, m.
Rachel A. Wilson, Sol.VA
buried prob. Putnam Co. IN

♥ Michael Moyers, 1769-1852, m.
Sarah Price, VA Militia
buried Moyers Cemetery, Rt. 33 W. 
Stanardsville, VA
Grave Marked 15 September 2008

Thomas Washington Omohudro, 1769-1854, m.
Powell Cowell, Capt VA Militia
buried unknown

Richard Omohundro, c.1733-1811, m.
Elizabeth Muse, CS VA
buried uknown

John Orebaugh, 1789-1872, m.
Barbara Ailor
buried Orebaugh Cemetery
Rt 760, Augusta Co VA

♥ James Pittman, 1756-1850, m.
Martha Taylor, CS GA
buried Pittman Family Cemetery,
Madison Co. GA

Grave Marked by others 16 July 1939

John Pummell, 1792-1867, m.
Margaret Frantz, PVT VA
buried Bishopville Hill Cemetery
Ross County OH

James Ramsbottom, c. 1781-1848, m.
Mary X, PVT VA
buried prob. Madison or Culpeper Co VA

Joseph Rogers, c. 1790-1858, m.
Salina Frances Fuller, PVT VA
m. Lucy Woodson
buried Pittsylvania County VA
place uknown

♥ Keeling Rowe, 1785-1869, m.
Fanny Bates, PVT VA Militia
buried Green Lawn Cemetery
Caroline Co VA

GRAVE MARked 21 May 2011

Stephen Seward, 1772-1852, m.
Lucy Ingalls, NY
buried Cattaraugus, Franklin Co., NY

Jeremiah Shotwell, 1789-1864, m.
Elizabeth Rebecca Mahanes, VA Militia
buried Greene Co., VA
near Ruckersville, VA.

Fielding Smith, Sr. 1793-1829, m.
Rhoda Carpenter, PVT VA Militia
buried prob. Madison Co. VA

Willis Taylor, 1788-1863, m.
Sarah Clark, PVT, CS, VA
buried Conrad Cemetery
Randolph Co WVA.

William Tucker, c. 1786-1856, m.
Harriet Hicks, PVT. VA
buried unmarked grave, Amherst Co., VA

William Loch Weems, 1773-1865, m.
Mary Kinse, buried prob. Elkridge, MD
Near BWI Airport

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