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General Robert McCausland Chapter
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
United States Daughters of 1812

MCCAUSLAND, Robert, soldier, planter. Born, County Armage, Ireland, July 20, 1773. Arrived America, 1791. Volunteered U. S. Army under Gen. Anthony Wayne. Arrived Feliciana, ca. 1795. Established plantation, 1798. Married (1) Martha Davis, ca. 1800; married (2) Margaret Chinn, sister of Thomas W. Chinn (q.v.), May 6, 1820. Major, Third Regiment, Army of West Florida, 1810; member, Louisiana legislature, 1812-1814; member, first police jury, Parish of Feliciana, 1811-1814. Brigade commander, Battle of New Orleans, 1815. Died, April 11, 1851; interred McCausland Cemetery, West Feliciana Parish. E.K.D. Sources: Powell Casey, Louisiana in War of 1812 (1963); Mae E. Haase, "Robert McCausland," Louisiana Genealogical Register, XVIII, No. 1 (1971) (March, 1971); St. Francisville, La., Time Piece, June 20, 1811. (See

Contact: President - Virginia Gerace Benoist



Admission to membership in the National Society is by invitation after an affirmative vote by the chapter or state society. Applicants shall have the endorsement of two members in good standing to whom the applicant is personally known.

Membership is available to women age eighteen and over who can offer satisfactory proof that they are lineal descendants of an ancestor who, during the period of 1784-1815 inclusive, rendered civil, military, or naval service to our country, rendered material aid to the U.S. Army or Navy, or who participated in the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Junior membership is available to girls and boys from birth through age 21. Young women between the ages of eighteen and thirty-five are known as Flora Adams Darling Daughters in honor of the Society's first president.

Our 1812 Patriots

Alley, David, VA
Beard, Archille, TX
Beauchamp, Stephen, LA
Bernard, Francois, LA
Brown, Joshua, OH
Champagne, Jean Baptiste, LA
Crow, Levi, MS
Dean, Burkett, GA
Elderkin, Jedidah, CT
Fluker, Robert, LA
Ford, Isaac, LA
Fridge, Alexander, LA
Fussell, John, LA
Gardner, Jr., Joseph, MA
Groves, Sr., James, LA



Hamlin, Reuben, NY
Jobe, Daniel, KY
Langlois, Zenon, LA
Lewis, William, MS
McCausland, Gen. Robert, LA
McGuffee, Alfred, MS
Mixon, Adriel, SC
Moore, Alexander, AR
Morgan, Brig. Gen. David Bannister, LA
Pearson, Harvey, LA
Provost, Sr., 2nd Lt. Godfrey, LA
Roberts, Abraham, MS
Smith, David, VA
Taylor, Isaac, MS
Thibodaux, Capt. Henry S., LA
Souther, Jobe Tore, MA







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